Quality & Analytics

Nursing Quality and Analytics is a growing interprofessional team including a Registered Nurse and Business Intelligence Specialists (analysts and programmers).

As an arm of the Center for Nursing Excellence and Innovation, the team is positioned in a unique intersection of nursing practice and healthcare analytics. We develop, implement and maintain analytic products with the goal of leveraging data, advanced analysis, innovative methods, and the nursing perspective to:

  • Generate insight from nursing data to inform meaningful improvement work
  • Support clinical inquiry, quality improvement and equity initiatives
  • Provide foundational data structures for ongoing growth of exceptional nursing practice
  • Achieve optimal health system quality outcomes

Core Work Includes

  • Complex analysis of nursing-sensitive indicator process/outcome measures
  • Evaluation of key drivers of outcomes, quality, cost, and utilization using data from the electronic health record, patient surveys, and external vendors
  • Develop and maintain organization-wide, unit-level and initiative-specific reports and analysis to generate insight and action
  • Collaborate on cross-functional teams to align with organizational data governance vision
  • Lead interprofessional teams to integrate decision support and actionable insight at the point of care to drive patient outcomes
  • Manage/analyze data and generates materials to support external reporting/accreditation needs
  • Partner with key leaders to design and implement robust quality improvement initiatives and analysis
  • Design and implement innovative education programs for nurses at all levels to improve data literacy and access to data and analysis resources


  • Scuba: Scuba is an institutional collection of data systems and reports. The data systems are integrated and accessible to data scientists via a single access point. The consolidated report inventory is searchable on this website by all UCSF users. A MyAccess credential is required to view the content of this site.
  • UCSF Health True North Scorecard: The UCSF Health True North Scorecard is a report that tracks health system key performance indicators in the following domains: Quality and Safety, Patient Experience, Our People, Financial Strength, Learning Health System and Strategic Growth..
  • Zero Harm Dashboard: The Zero Harm dashboard is a Tableau dashboard that tracks performance against specific quality metrics that guide our understanding of how well we are monitoring and controlling preventable hospital and workplace events that can cause harm to patients and staff at UCSF Health. This dashboard excludes BCH Oakland, LPPHC, and Home Care.
  • Nursing Quality Analytics Monthly Reports: The links below take you to the Inpatient West Bay Monthly Summary and Unit level reports. The reports include process and outcome measures for the following nurse-sensitive indicators: Falls, HAPIs, CLABSIs, CAUTIs, and VAPs.